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#TEAMHALO & all of the above. TORONTO LIFE. This eighties baby has been left behind and she ain't comin' back!

What up though? I'm an artist/makeup artist who goes by the name of "BlackChinee" I am forever inlove with the beauty of art. Music is also one of my lovers, I sing to it (why not?). My Tumblr isn't here to impress, or depress. Not every image that I re-post is mine, although I love taking photographs.

Team thickem’..

Instagram: BlackChinee




America Oudan Ultra Quiz, Super Famicom.


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Fruits are ninjas too. #watermelongotgame #fruitninja #teamthick 👍

Oo kill’em. #blackchinee #torontoborn


Bruh if this don’t have over a million notes…

Ain’t no shit truer than this shit right here

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Mummy, the way how you cheese me sometimes, I still love you regardless. This is your month! I love you! #WCW

"EST ‘89"

#blackchinee #hashthetag #thesunwellhotjustwhatineeded

💙 #littleblackdress