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#TEAMHALO & all of the above. TORONTO LIFE. This eighties baby has been left behind and she ain't comin' back!

What up though? I'm an artist/makeup artist who goes by the name of "BlackChinee" I am forever inlove with the beauty of art. Music is also one of my lovers, I sing to it (why not?). My Tumblr isn't here to impress, or depress. Not every image that I re-post is mine, although I love taking photographs.

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Moi & my dimepiece. 🌝 @_teemxo


They’re evolving

Mom, it’s your turn!

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The Human Brain

The first time I held a human brain in Anatomy Lab I was completely speechless. I looked at my classmates expecting a similar reaction and they looked back at me confused like…”dude let’s start identifying the structures.” I had to take a step back and let it process…in my hands was someone’s entire life. From start to finish, every memory, every emotion, every bodily control…was right there in my hands. 

^^ that’s deep bro

Holy shit

Couldn’t have said it any better. Thank you for letting us into your thoughts, yet alone, thank you for tuning us into your brain.

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Reminds me of my hair. Hair twin all the way.

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🙌 #berrycurly Ohhh yes!

This show was once the love of my life.

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I just created The Island Fever on Lay’s Kettle Cooked for #DoUsAFlavourCanada. What’s your flavour idea? Create the next great Lay’s flavour & you could win† $50k + 1% of your flavour’s future sales††


what is this, the stone age

For real, when there’s no more options, you’re completely left in the dust. *Spits on 144 P

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TheBlackChinxx - PSN #PS3 #teamtoronto #teamcurly


How amazing this is, I can’t even explain. This is breathtaking.

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My whip in GTA 5

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I think it’s hard for most of everyone in their 20’s, they’re still trying to find out who they are as a person and what career path they wish to take. Life is not easy.

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